What is SCADA?

SCADA stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. It is a system of hardware and software components that allows industrial organizations to control and monitor industrial processes, infrastructure, and facilities in real-time. SCADA systems are commonly used in sectors such as manufacturing, energy, water and wastewater, telecommunications, and transportation. At Swastika, we provide Aveva SCADA solutions in Delhi, offering state-of-the-art SCADA technology tailored to the specific needs of businesses.

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Key Features of AVEVA’s SCADA Solutions

Operational Excellence

World-leading capabilities and innovative user experience empower operators to meet complex operation requirements.

  • Securely visualizes enterprise-wide operations
  • Quickly navigate displays following intuitive modern designs
  • Create a single common information stream
  • Continuous operational improvement and real-time decision support

High Performance

A strong track record in SCADA underpins our reliable, flexible and high-performance solutions for industrial process customers.


AVEVA Scada offers all features Like.


Unlimited Tags

  • You will never have to worry about wasting your license while expanding your solutions.
  • Get total freedom while adding value to your end customer.
  • Also what it also means is larger the project more you have to gain.

  • Web-Based Deployment

  • Web-launch clients to any device with a web-browser.
  • Push data to cloud

  • Universal Platform

  • Supports all platform for Alarming, Reports and Controls and many more.

  • Blazing Fast Performance

  • Spandan SCADA never compromises on performance. Its internal optimization Algorithms optimize the communications so that your get best performance.
  • What this means that you will never face performance bottlenecks while scaling Your solutions.

  • Unified Development and Run time Environment

  • There is no need to setup development environment on any PC. You can Configure your complete solution on deployment computer itself. What it means is your development time saves time while not only developing solution but also During integration, Test and support.

  • Dynamic Layouts

  • All the GUI component locations can be arranged in fluid dynamic layouts by developer. What it means that he can create his own layouts to maximize.
  • When dynamical layout is constrained by the size of the window or the screen, it rearranges its layout so that components remain available to use or can be easily accessed.

  • Import From Configuration Files

  • Why waste time in configuring those thousands of tags which are already defined in your excel files. Spandan SCADA can directly import your tag configurations from spread sheet files so your developer can focus on screen design and other values addition tasks.

  • Database Connectivity

    Support for virtually all databases is available through ODBC connectivity

  • MS SQL
  • MySQL
  • SQLite

  • JavaScript support for advanced scripting

  • Spandan SCADA fully integrates the JavaScript support . Scripting support is not limited to performing basic calculations. It also supports full object control.
  • Use of JavaScript instead of VBScript means you are using most popular scripting language hence getting expert developers is easier. Syntax:- screen name_object name.property name = “new value”

  • Report Generation

  • User define Report generation can export data in popular formats like .csv or.pdf. You can print report directly.
  • Also It allows combining several reports in one XML file. For separately taken field, you can specify some condition depending on which this field will display in different font and background colour, etc.
  • It allows to process script embedded into the report. By script, the user can defined, how the fields must be processed depends of some condition.

  • Runs on Raspberry-PI

    Spandan SCADA also runs on raspberry, which will save your ‘PC(computer) cost’.

  • Support for up to 75” TV.
  • 4K Resolution Support
  • PC Not Required.

  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

    For Pharma and Food Industries.

  • Audit Trails
  • Security and E-Signature.
  • Electronic Batch Reports.
  • Database Storage
  • Recipe Function.

  • Ready for IOT and Industry4.0

  • With its FTP/HTTP Push feature you can upload the data to cloud or web server.Send your data to cloud or remote web server to integrate IOT or industry4.0 Solutions.

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