At Swastika Automation Solution we provide automation solution for every budget and for all kind of automation requirements. We cater our clients with best of the services along with end to end solutions.

Swastika undertakes Automation Projects all over India and abroad in a wide range of Process Industries – Tyre industries, pharmaceutical industries, Power electrical industry, Home automation, Robotics industries, Forging industry and Mining industries to name a few.

Our Services

We provide Solution on Industrial Automation and Embedded development. Swastika gives you exposure to current market trend, industrial manner and market skill. 

Industrial Automation

Embedded Development

Industrial Automation

Plant Automation

  • We work on various PLC platforms like AB, Siemens, ABB, Mitsubishi, Ge-Fanuc, Delta, Schneider, Wecon to name a few.
  •  Designing and developing HMI and SCADA system in various platforms.
  •  Services on VFDand servosystem.
  • We have refurbishment projects on Allen Bradley MicroLogix and Compact-Logix platform. Also, we develop projects on Siemens S7-1200 and S7- 1500 platform.
  • Develop fully customized machine-oriented electrical panels. Provide Servo-based applications and also provide service on the above platform.

Tyre Industries Automation

  • We are leading trunky automation system providers in tyre industries.
  •  We provide solutions on the Mixer area with their electrical panel, VFD and Servo drive system and system modification.
  •  Also provide service on winder, Extruder, 3-roll and 4- roll calendar system.
  • Also, we develop systems like Mcneil & NRM press, Harbor press, Uzer Makina.
  •  Design and develop SCADA Networking.

Pharmaceutical Industries Automation

  • Swastika offers solutions to the electrical VFD and Servo drive panels.
  • We design Special purpose machines (SPM as per client’s requirements)
  • Designing and troubleshooting SCADA systems.
  •  We integrate a special conveyor system for powder industries and also develop a granular system as per user requirements.

Power Industries Automation

  • Provides Automation on relay-based panels, also provide system on drive-based panel.
  •  Design and development of SCADA system as per Client’s requirements.
  • We integrate SCADA system for Suzlon System on Ge SCADA and Siemens SCADA platform.


  • We are leading and trunky automation and mechanical design providers.
  •  We offers services in forging press lubrication system, robotics and pharmaceuticals

Forging Industries Automation

  • We offered services on Forging press, lubrication system and Robotics system.
  •  Refurbishment of 2000T press, Rolling Mill & Calibration Press.
  • We have done projects on PLC system, VFD Drives, Servo Drives, HMI including storing of the database on server.
  •  Provide lubrication system for 2000T press with Fully Automatic Arm System.
  •  We designed SPM for Lubrication and Forging press.
  • Also, we designed 52 press development screenings in SCADA System

Embedded Development

Product Development

  •  We work on various Microcontrollers like STM32, AVR, PIC, Arduino and Raspberry-pi.
  •  Designing and developing IOT based system, Speech synthesis system and PID-based smart cooling system.
  • PCB development up to 4 layers.
  •  Develop fully customized machines and products. Provide Servo-based applications and also provide service on the above platform.

Pharmaceutical Industries

  •  Swastika offers solutions to pharmaceutical refrigerators.
  • We design custom based PID system as per client’s requirements
  •  Designing custom GUI for machines.
  •  We provide Peltier technology based instant cooling
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